Financial Consolidation and Benchmarking Platform

IFX’s new web-based platform will keep you on top of your finances by eliminating guesswork and getting you the numbers you need to make your franchise system thrive. Gain visibility beyond your POS system and see consolidated views of your entire system. See standard reports for each location and use the platform’s powerful filters to compare, rank and benchmark individual locations against top and average performers.

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  1. Consolidated side-by-side financial reporting for 1 – 10,000 locations
  2. Monitor revenue and expenses for all clients and locations with single sign-in
  3. Daily automated syncing for timely reporting and routine file monitoring
  4. Dynamic mapping to a Standard Chart of Accounts
  5. Benchmarking, trending and ranking analytics
  6. Consolidation of multiple file types (QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB and Excel)
  7. Fraud prevention and error detection


  • Automatically gather financials from all locations on a daily basis
  • Actively monitor key metrics with a single sign-in
  • Streamline reporting with a Standard Chart of Accounts
  • Identify top performers and underperformers
  • Use alerts to build an early warning system
  • Promote goal alignment by giving stakeholders access to the dashboard
  • Use non-financial filters to create insightful reporting structures


  • Maintain compliance by automating the financial reporting process
  • Stay on top of performance indicators with e-alerts and intuitive interface
  • Use peer benchmarking capabilities to show comparisons to top performers
  • Catch accounting errors as they happen and access up to 36 months of data
  • Consolidate financials for multi-site businesses
  • View multiple non-related businesses side-by-side
  • Provide unlimited logins to managers, partners, investors, etc.

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